Not all records created by State and Local Government can be kept permanently. In fact, only a small proportion of all government records generated will be kept permanently as part of the State archive.

The process of deciding what records should be kept is known as appraisal.

The appraisal process involves gathering information, analysing and assessing requirements for records, documenting requirements, consulting with stakeholders, making decisions, and monitoring and reviewing those decisions. It is a fundamental process when developing records disposal schedules.

Appraisal is undertaken by agencies, State Records and the State Records Council, each bringing a unique perspective.

Appraisal Standard

State Records has developed an Appraisal Standard which provides:

  • a process for agencies undertaking appraisal for disposal purposes, and

  • a set of criteria to be used when determining whether records should be kept permanently as part of the State archive.

The Standard is consistent with the International Organisation for Standardisation Technical Report ISO TR 21946 Appraisal for Managing Records.

Appraisal of Official Records - Policy and Objectives guideline superseded

Until December 2020 appraisal decisions were informed by the guideline Appraisal of Official Records - Policy and Objectives, first issued in February 2003. Version 1.8 of this guideline was superseded by the new Appraisal Standard from December 2020.