We all have a role to play

In years from now we’ll look back and want to know how the COVID-19 pandemic impacted our state and our communities.  How did we deal with the crisis and how did it change us as a society?  The records we are creating now provide us with the information needed to make the best decisions during uncertain times and to allocate resources where they are needed most.  The records will also help us in the future when we look back at the impact of COVID-19.

Whether you are working from the office or your home, we all have an important role to play both now and for future generations.  Make sure you are continuing to:

  • Make records
  • Keep records and keep them safe
  • Comply with agency working from home and recordkeeping policies and procedures

Agency agility

Agencies are now working in a rapidly changing environment.  Navigating through new approaches to working arrangements and service delivery will challenge how we manage and share information, particularly with the reliance on online collaborative tools to support staff working remotely.  How those tools capture information should be directed by policies and guidelines.  Agencies need to review policies around information and records management and information security to ensure they support immediate and future needs.  Changes to Government policy needs to be observed, including directives issued by overarching authorities. Where there is an impact to recordkeeping agencies will need to create or amend their policy.

As business continues citizens still have the same rights to access information, particularly through the freedom of information process.  We remind all agencies of their obligations around recordkeeping and information management to ensure Government can respond.