Passenger Lists

Passenger lists 1845 - 1931

These passenger lists record emigrants selected by the Colonization Commissioners, London, whose passages were paid for out of the Emigration Fund. The lists typically give passengers' names, and most give ages, occupation and marital status, while some give county of origin. Not all lists have survived.

The lists are grouped into years and then arranged numerically within each year. An alphabetical name index for lists dating between 1845-1886 is available - Index to Official Passenger Lists.

Year Title Description Download
1873 City of Adelaide 1/1873 - City of Adelaide PDF
1873 South Australian 2/1873 - South Australian PDF
1873 Dunkeld 3/1873 - Dunkeld PDF
1873 Kirkham 4/1873 - Kirkham PDF
1873 Asterope 5/1873 - Asterope PDF
1873 St Vincent 6/1873 - St Vincent PDF
1873 Iron King 7/1873 - Iron King PDF
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