These templates are guides only and should be amended to suit the needs of your agency and the requirements of the Freedom of Information Act, 1991.  They do not constitute legal advice.

To apply for access to or amendment of information or to apply for an internal review see Making a Freedom of Information Application.

All templates below are also available on our Policies and Guidelines page.


Acknowledgement letters

Acknowledgement - Access or Amendment

Acknowledgement Letter - Internal Review Applications


Transfer letters

Notification to applicant of transfer to another agency

Transfer application to DPC re Cabinet Documents


Fees and charges letters and documents

Fees and Charges Worksheet

Fees and Charges Advance Deposit

Online FOI Client Refund Form


Consultation letters and documents

Consultation - s25 Intergovernmental or Local Govt relations

Consultation - ss26-28 re personal affairs, business or research

Consultation - ss26-28 exemption agreed

Consultation - s25 access granted contrary to objections

Consultation - s26 27 28 access granted contrary to objections

Consultation response proforma


Determination letters and documents

Determination - s14A extension of time

Determination - failure to pay advance deposit

Determination - Refusal to deal with application

Determination - access granted in different form

Determination - granting full access

Determination - partial access

Determination - refusing access

Determination - internal review

Document schedule


Instruments of Designation

Designation Instrument - Public Sector Administrative Units

Designation Instrument - SA Police

Designation Instrument – Other Agencies


Other documents

FOI application checklist

Internal searching for documents form

Written Notice - No Documents Found