FOI resources for agencies

State Records supports the minister in the administration of the Freedom of Information Act 1991.

 A key role in undertaking this administration is the development of tools to support agencies to meet their responsibilities under the Freedom of Information Act 1991.

These include

Generic freedom of information application forms for use by applicants are developed and published online.

An online freedom of information application and payment tool that can be used by individuals to lodge applications to state government agencies is managed by State Records and hosted by

The documents below are also available on the Policies and Guidelines page.



Cabinet Documents Exemption Guideline

Consultation and the FOI Act

FOI and the Charging of Fees

FOI and the Public Interest Test

Freedom of Information and Sufficiency of Search

Processing FOI Applications



Online FOI Application Refund Procedure


Advice Sheets

FOI Information Statement

Managing FOI through Administrative Change

FOI Fees and Charges

What is an Accredited FOI Officer

Reporting Requirements under FOI

FOI and Contracting for State Government

FOI and Contracting for Local Government & Universities

FOI and Redaction of Documents

FOI Amendment Applications

Proactive Disclosure of Regularly Requested Information

PC045 - Disclosure Logs

Full details of this financial years FOI Fees and Charges can be found in the FOI Fees Notice.