Information management - before, during and after caretaker periods and elections

This webpage provides access to information relating to the management and custody of records during the caretaker periods and elections.

For broader advice about government operations during caretaker periods and elections, refer to the Department of the Premier and Cabinet Caretaker conventions advice.

Minister's Office guidance

The following documents provide advice about information management practices for Ministerial Office records.  Records created or received by a Minister or a Ministerial Office in the conduct of business are official records, regardless of format, and must be managed in accordance with the State Records Act 1997.

To promote these documents, an information session was held earlier in the year.  A recording of the information session with Minister's Offices is available here. 

Transfers of official records

Refer to the Transfer Standard and Transfer Process links below for information about transferring permanent records to State Records.

Unsentenced records

Wherever possible records should be sentenced at the time of creation. Where this has not occurred, records should be sentenced before moving to offsite storage.

In limited circumstances, an exemption can be sought for approval to store unsentenced records at an approved service provider (ASP).  Approval needs to be obtained from State Records prior to moving the records.  

Agencies should be aware that storing unsentenced records at an ASP comes at a cost and the fees for retrieval (temporary or permanent) or sentencing by the ASP can be significant.  

Information management advice for agencies responding to administrative change

It is often the case that the administrative functions of agencies will change after an election. 

The Managing Information Assets During Administrative Change Guideline has been developed to support agencies in managing official information and records whilst undertaking administrative change, whenever this may occur.

For managing freedom of information (FOI) applications when an agency functions change refer to the Managing FOI Through Administrative Change information sheet.