State Records offers an on-line Records Management course.  For a small investment we can also come to your regional office to conduct training.  Alternatively if you wish to discuss tailored RM training for your agency please contact us for more information.


Introduction to Records Management (on-line)

COST: $Free

This online course has been developed for all Local & State Government employees to ensure that they are aware of their Records Management obligations under the State Records Act.  

Awareness Education is for all South Australian Government staff, both Local and State, and university staff.  This course has been designed to provide an overview of the key elements within records management and has a particular focus on the following: 

  • What is records management?

  • The difference between an information resource and a record

  • What are the issues related to records management? (e.g. standards and legislation)

  • What role do I play in my agency’s recordkeeping program?

  • What are my responsibilities, especially in relation to the State Records Act, 1997?


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This course will help participants understand how they can contribute to effective and efficient recordkeeping within their agency.  

All students who successfully complete the assessment will receive a certificate of achievement.