State Records of South Australia is turning attention to the disposal of records created in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Currently the following Records Disposal Schedules have been approved for use to dispose of records for the following:

RDS2020/16 v1 QR Track and Tracing

This applies to records collected or generated through the operation of the QR Track and Trace application and associated technologies, or hard copy equivalent, which is used to support contact tracing activities.

Agencies can use this RDS to dispose of their hard copy track and tracing lists.

RDS2020/15 v1 COVID Safe Application Records

This applies to records collected or generated through the operation of the Commonwealth Government’s COVIDSafe App (ie COVIDSafe App data) which is downloaded/extracted to support contact tracing activities. 

This schedule is for use by SA Health (or those in the service of SA Health for the purpose of contact tracing) only.

GDS33 for Across-Government Emergency Management 

This applies to agencies with a role that includes emergency management as performed in accordance with the Emergency Management Act 2004 (the Act) and the State Emergency Management Plan (SEMP).

State Records are aware that under the Emergency Management (Public Activities No 16) (COVID-19) Direction 2020 established under Sec 25 of the Act the following records must be created:

  • COVID Management Plan – clause 11
  • COVID Safe Plan  - clause 10
  • COVID Marshal records – clause 16 - (4)      “A person required under this clause to ensure that prescribed operations are supervised by a COVID Marshal must—
    • keep records of completion of COVID-19 training by persons referred to in subclause (3); and
    • provide such records to an authorised officer on request.”
  • Approved contact tracing system and records – Schedule 3 (1)

Seeking Feedback

State Records understands that there may be some gaps in disposal coverage for records created in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and are currently reviewing GDS33 and investigating the need for a COVID related General Disposal Schedule (GDS) if needed.

We would appreciate feedback from agencies via email regarding records being created as a result of COVID-19 in order to ensure there is appropriate disposal coverage for all records being created.

If you have any questions please contact