Approved Storage Providers

Agencies are responsible for storage of their own records until the records can be legally disposed of by destruction or transfer to State Records' custody. 

State Records has entered into a Deed with the following companies for storage, retrieval and destruction services.

The Deed only permits these companies to store sentenced, temporary value records however a global exemption to the Deed enables agencies to store permanent value records with ASPs until the records are eligible for transfer to State Records' custody.


Iron Mountain

Contact name: Emma Dalitz
Account Manager SA
Telephone: (08) 8400 4520
Mobile: 0417 869 647
Telephone: 1300 134 679 (Service Delivery Team)

Grace Records Management

Contact name: Mark McPhee
Telephone: (08) 8405 5060
Mobile: 0417 813 307
Fax: (08) 8405 5091

DataBank Technologies TIMG (Archive Security)

Contact name: Maurice Hewson
Telephone: (08) 8416 5606
Fax: 1300 669 140

ZircoData (formerly Iron Mountain Australia)

Contact name: Megan Hannigan
Key Account Manager
Telephone: 13 94 72
Telephone (Direct): (08) 8162 4804
Mobile: 0438 350 915