State Records describes and controls records in our custody using the series system which is comprised of entities and relationships.

Entities and Relationships

Our archival management system comprises the following entities:

Agency - the organisations creating and maintaining the records are registered as Government Agencies and allocated a GA number. Agencies can be related to each other and to series.

Series - the sets of records belonging to the same recordkeeping system are registered as Government Records Series and allocated a GRS number. Series can be related to each other and to agencies.

Consignments - the portion (or whole) of a series physically transferred to State Records at a single time is identified as a consignment and given a sequential number appended to the GRS number. All consignments belong to a single series.

Units - the boxes or volumes that physically sit on a shelf, or the drawers in a plan cabinet are identified as units. All units belong to a single consignment. 

Items - individual files or volumes within a box or drawer are uploaded into our database as items. All items belong to a single unit.


State Records uses the Archives One archival management system database. Data from Archives One is published to the website as our catalogue ArchivesSearch.

Our archival database allows us to enter special lists as index entries.

Historical systems

Over our existence different archival management systems have been used.