ArchivesSearch is State Records' catalogue for accessing the archive collection. It only operates successfully using Internet Explorer (IE11). As of 15 June 2022 IE11 will not be supported by Microsoft. 

IE11 is being replaced by modern browsers such as Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome. Customers can use modern browsers to access ArchivesSearch to search agencies, series and open access items. However customers will not be able to:

  • Log in (ArchivesSearch may still let you log-in but the search results will be inaccurate)
  • Order records to view at the Research Centre
  • View order history or current orders
  • For agency users, view restricted records which are the responsibility of your agency.

State Records will continue to help customers to access information held in the archive by:

  • assisting public researchers through our enquiry service
  • ordering records on behalf of public researchers when a Research Centre booking is made and specific references are provided  
  • providing order history and current order reports to public and government agency customers
  • assisting government agencies identify records in the archive which are their responsibility
  • providing government agencies with copies of consignment lists of series which are their responsibility (where a list is held)

State Records is working on replacing ArchivesSearch with a catalogue compatible with all modern browsers.

Please email any questions or ArchivesSearch issues not covered here to and include:

  • screenshots of any error messages and
  • details of the series and items you were searching for.