Operational Records Disposal Schedules (RDS) are used to sentence and dispose of official records relating to functions and activities specific to an agency eg:

  • Ambulance Operations performed by SA Ambulance Service
  • Collection Development carried out by the State Library of South Australia
  • Rural Industry Assistance managed by Primary Industries and Regions SA.

The Director, State Records is authorised to make determinations as to the disposal of official records with approval of State Records Council (SRC) in accordance with sections 23 and 24 of the State Records Act 1997

Once approved an RDS allows an agency to legally:

More information on the RDS development and approval process is available.

Approved Record Disposal Schedules


Aboriginal Affairs and Reconciliation (AAR) - Department of State Development RDS 2015/10 V1

Adelaide Festival Centre Trust RDS 2016/13 V1

AGD Public Safety Solutions RDS 2017/36 V1

Auditor-General's Department RDS 2012/23 V1


Child Death and Serious Injury Review Committee (CDSIRC) RDS 2020/05 V1

Commissioner for Victims' Rights RDS 2015/09

Compulsory Third Party Insurance Regulator (CTPIR) RDS 2019/03 V1

Construction Industry Training Board RDS 2014/07 V1 

Consumer and Business Services - Attorney-General’s Department  RDS 2012/13 V1


Dairy Authority of South Australia (Dairysafe) RDS 2020/12 v1

Department for Child Protection (DCP) RDS 2007-09 V1

Department for Correctional Services (DCS) RDS 2015/08 V2 

Department for Education - State Office RDS 2014/01 V1

Department for Education and Child Development – Education, Care and Support Services RDS 2016/25 V1

Department of Environment and Water RDS 2019/09 V2

Department of the Premier and Cabinet (DPC) RDS 2021-22 V1

Department for Trade and Investment RDS 2021/17 V1

Department for Transport, Energy and Infrastructure RDS 2010/12 V2

Department of Treasury and Finance RDS 2010/13 V2

Disability and Domiciliary Care - Department of Communities and Social Inclusion  RDS 2011/27 V1


Education Adelaide RDS 2013/15 V1

Education Standards Board of South Australia RDS 2016/14 V1

Electoral Commission of South Australia RDS 2019/16 V1

Electoral Districts Boundaries Commission (EDBC)  RDS 2015/25 V1

Emergency Services Sector (SAFECOM) RDS 2017/25 V1

Environment Protection Authority (EPA) RDS 2010/11 V2

Equal Opportunity Commission RDS 2017/19 V1


Forensic Science of South Australia RDS 2019/14 V1 

Fines Enforcement and Recovery Unit (FERU) - Attorney General's Department  RDS 2015/13 V1


Government Services Group - Service SA - Department of the Premier and Cabinet RDS 2011/06 V1 


Health Services Charitable Gifts Board RDS 2014/10 V1

History Trust of South Australia RDS 2019/10 V1

HomeStart Finance RDS 2018/13 V1

Housing SA (SAHA)  RDS 2020/06 V1


Independent Commissioner Against Corruption (ICAC) and including Office for Public Integrity (OPI) RDS 2018/02 V3


Judicial Conduct Commissioner (JCC) RDS 2016/26 V1

Justice of the Peace Services - Attorney-General’s Department RDS 2011/04 V2


Lands, Vehicle Registration and Licensing - Land Services Group - Department for Planning, Transport and Infrastructure RDS 2011/11 V2

Lessor Corporations  RDS 2014/26 V1 

Lifetime Support Authority - Participant Care RDS 2015/05 V1

Lotteries Commission of South Australia RDS 2022-02 V1


Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing RDS 2022-01 V1

Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP) RDS 2016/08 V1

Office of the Guardian for Children and Young People (GCYP) RDS 2021/19 V1

Office of the Liquor and Gambling Commissioner (OLGC) RDS 2009-02 V2

Office of the National Rail Safety Regulator (ONRSR) RDS 2021-20 V1

Office of the Police Ombudsman SA RDS 2017/12 V1

Office of the Small Business Commissioner (OSBC) RDS 2020-09 V1

Office of the Solicitor General RDS 2017/13 V1

Office of the South Australian Productivity Commission  RDS 2021/15 V1

Ombudsman SA (OSA) RDS 2020/13 V1

Organisational Performance Division - Attorney-General’s Department RDS 2010/03 V2


Portable Long Service Leave (PLSL) - RDS 2021-18 V1

Public Transport Services Division (PTS) - Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure  RDS 2013/22 V1

Public Trustee - RDS 2018/06 V1


Records of the South Australian railways, 1850-1998 (Islington Plan Room Collection) RDS 2014/06 V1

Return to Work SA RDS 2018/03 V1

Revenue SA RDS 2016/07 V1


SA Ambulance Service RDS 2012/10 V1

SA Water (and predecessor agencies) RDS 2017/18 V1

SACE Board of South Australia RDS 2015/15 V1

SafeWork SA RDS 2017/04 V1

South Australian Asset Management Corporation RDS 2011/15 V1

South Australian Film Corporation RDS 2011/02 V1

South Australian Government Radio Network - Attorney General’s Department RDS 2013/04 V1

South Australian Research and Development Institute (SARDI) RDS 2019/08 V1

State Procurement Board and predecessor Boards RDS 2015/24 V1

State Superannuation Office RDS 2021/21 V1

Surveyors Board of South Australia RDS 2012/02 V1


Urban Renewal Authority (Renewal SA) RDS 2019/02 V1 

This is not an exhaustive list of approved RDS.

Developing an RDS

Agency staff or consultants can contact State Records for advice when intending to develop a new or review an existing RDS.

Further information

For specific records retention and disposal queries refer to your agency's records manager.

General information about the retention and disposal of official records is available for members of the public.