State Records' Research Centre is open by appointment. Masks are required to be worn by everyone attending the Research Centre. 

Christmas hours

The Research Centre will be open up to and including Thursday 23rd December 2021. We will be closed the following week, reopening on Tuesday 4th January 2022.


Whether you wish to view original records or use supplementary research tools such as microfilm machines, search computers and our printed reference collection we ask that you book an appointment for any visit to the Research Centre. Records you wish to view must be pre-ordered at least 24 hours in advance of your visit. You will not be able to order records for same-day viewing.


Plan Your Visit to make the most efficient use of your research time and to help determine if you need to visit in person. Staff in the Research Centre may not be able to assist researchers who arrive without a prior booking and you may not be able to enter our Research Centre if we are at capacity. 


To make an appointment book online via Eventbrite or phone us on 08 7322 7077

  • We are open Tuesday to Thursday for 2 sessions each day.
  • Session times are 9:30am to 12:30pm and 1:00pm to 4:00pm.
  • Researcher numbers in our reading room area are capped at 10 people per session to allow for social distancing. 
How do I book an appointment?

Bookings can be made online via Eventbrite or bookings can be taken over the phone. Please call 08 8343 6800 from 9:30am to 4:30pm on weekdays to make a phone booking. 

How do I pre-order records?

Records you wish to order can be emailed to us once an online booking is secured. Further information is available on the Eventbrite booking page. Alternatively, if you book via phone please notify staff of the records you would like to view and staff will order these on your behalf. 

Some records are stored at our secondary repository and are subject to increased retrieval times. Staff will advise where this is the case and arrange an appropriate booking time.  

What If I don’t know the specific records I need to view?

You should first try and identify the records you wish to view. Information about our records can be found: 

Once you have determined the records you wish to view during your appointment, note the specific reference (e.g. GRS 1334/1 Unit 38 File 3296 OR GRG1/42 Unit 1) and provide this to us so we can pre-order your records.

If you require further assistance to identify records for viewing please contact us.  

How many records can I pre-order?

A maximum of 10 records can be ordered for an appointment.

Can I book into both sessions on a day?

Yes, you may book into both sessions on a day.

How far in advance can I book an appointment?

Appointments can be booked up to two weeks in advance.

Can I bring someone with me to the Research Centre?

If you intend to visit with another person, that person must also be booked in for an appointment. Visitors may not be permitted entry without a prior booking if the Research Centre is at capacity. 

Can I order records when I arrive for my appointment?

No. Records must be pre-ordered at least 24 hours in advance of your visit. You will not be able to order records for same-day viewing while in the Research Centre.

Will staff assistance in the Research Centre be available?

To ensure the wellbeing of yourself, staff and other customers, we will not be providing the same level of face-to-face assistance as usual. Instructions are provided to assist with accessing computers, cameras and scanners and staff will assist where it safe to do so.

 Can I access the other search tools in the Research Centre?

Use of search computers, microfilm and printed reference collection is permitted and we ask that you book an appointment to use these search tools even if you are not viewing original records.

Can I use the digital camera in the Research Centre?

Yes, use of the digital camera will be permitted.
However, you are encouraged to bring your own camera or phone.
We encourage you to bring your own USB for downloading any digital images you capture. If you do not have a USB, they can be purchased in our Research Centre ($7.50) using contactless card payment.

 What if I would like a high quality digital copy of a record I view at the Research Centre?

Our digitisation service is still available and we can provide you with a high quality digital copy of a record at cost.
We will ask you to identify the pages you would like copied, and we will then send you a quote. 

What health and safety measures are in place to ensure customers remain safe?
  • Customers may be asked screening questions when entering the Research Centre.
  • A COVID Safe QR code is available for those with smart phone access.
  • Customers will be asked to wash their hands with soap and water on entry to the Research Centre. We are asking customers to wash their hands rather than use sanitiser to ensure original records are not adversely affected.  
  • Bathrooms will be well stocked with hand soap and paper towels, and instructions on how to wash hands properly will be provided.
  • All hard surfaces in the Research Centre will be thoroughly cleaned between sessions.
  • All researchers will be required to sit 1.5 metres from each other, as per government guidelines on social distancing.

Contact information from your State Records user registration and your appointment booking may be used for tracing purposes after your visit, should a COVID-19 case in the Research Centre be reported.

What if I have a cough, fever, sore throat or other cold and flu symptoms on the day of my booking?

You will not be able to enter the Research Centre with any of these symptoms.
Please phone us to reschedule your booking to a later date. We can hold your pre-ordered records for up to 4 weeks.

Will the public café be accessible?

Yes, water will be available during sessions and the public cafe will be accessible during session times. Please note that the public cafe will be inaccessible outside of session times.

Are lockers available?

Yes, lockers are available to use for your personal belongings. 

Will pencils and note paper be available to use?

You are encouraged to bring your own pencils and note paper, however we will provide them if needed.

Location and contact

Find us at 115 Cavan Rd, Gepps Cross, 5094. 

Telephone 08 7322 7077. 

Our Research Centre offers some assistance for people with a disability.

Getting to the Research Centre

Map location 115 Cavan Road Gepps Cross

Free parking is available at our Research Centre.

There are no buses that travel directly from the CBD to a stop near our Research Centre,
if you connect routes you can reach a bus stop within a few minute’s walking distance.

Catch any of the following buses from King William St and get off at stop 25, Main North Road, Gepps Cross.

From stop 25 either take a 20 minute walk to the State Records’ Research Centre or catch the 225 bus or the 255F bus and get off at stop 28, Port Wakefield Road (just outside Stratco).
State Records is around the corner on Cavan Road.
Bus 225 only runs every 30 minutes to an hour, so time your connection to suit.

To travel back to the CBD, reverse the process.