The Aboriginal Reference Group was established in 2022 to work with State Records of South Australia and the State Library of South Australia to enhance access to archives and services that relate to Aboriginal people and culture.

Members of the ARG will work collaboratively with State Records and the State Library to develop and implement responses to the International Council on Archives Tandanya-Adelaide Declaration.

They will also understand and narrow gaps in the agencies’ compliance with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Library, Information and Resource Network Inc. (ATSILIRN) Protocols.

Members will also have the opportunity to advocate for Aboriginal people and communities, ensure State Records and the State Library’s activities reflect Aboriginal experiences and help the agencies engage and partner with Aboriginal communities to deliver services and programs.

The ARG will meet a minimum of four times per year.

For more information about the Aboriginal Reference Group contact the Secretariat on

Members of the Aboriginal Reference Group are:

  • Ali Abdullah-Highfold
  • Tim Agius
  • Kath Apma Penangke Travis
  • Elijah Bravington
  • Jennifer Caruso
  • Deanne Hanchant-Nichols
  • Natalie Harkin
  • Claudia Smith
  • Janine Thompson
  • Michael Wanganeen
  • Joanne Willmot