Some of our most popular records have been digitised either by staff or volunteers or in partnership with FamilySearch. Digitsied records from our collection can be viewed on FamilySearch, Ancestry, Flickr and on our website. 

These include popular records relating to family history:

  • passenger lists
  • registers of prisoners
  • police reports to the coroner
  • school admission registers and
  • social welfare registers.

Some of our records are also hosted on Ancestry. Viewing records on Ancestry does require a subscription however many public libraries as well as the State Library of South Australia can provide you with free onsite access.  

How to find an online record

Start by finding a reference to a record through our catalogue, topic pages or indexes.

Make note of the GRG number or GRS, unit numbers and individual record or index references.

Check the online index cover page, series description on the catalogue, or our topic pages under the heading Digital Records to see if a digital copy exists.

An online video tutorial shows the steps to find an entry on a State Records website index and how to then navigate to the FamilySearch website and view the digital images.

For digital copies hosted by FamilySearch:

  • Complete a free registration on the FamilySearch site. This works best using Chrome, Firefox or Edge.
  • Return to this page for the list of topic pages. These contain direct links to the FamilySearch catalogue entries for each type of record, or
  • Browse the FamilySearch entries by searching for the Author number 591389.

An online video tutorial shows the steps to find an entry on a State Records website index and how to then navigate to the FamilySearch website and view the digital images.

Some record series have been indexed by FamilySearch volunteers. These include most probate records, passenger lists and school records.

If you do not wish to register with FamilySearch, or if the images for the records are not available, you may send us an enquiry to ask for a copying quote. Specific references are required.

For digital copies hosted on Ancestry:

The digital copies of records from our collection hosted on Ancestry will have been indexed so you can conduct a name search of the Ancestry website. 

For digital copies hosted on Flickr:

Visit the State Records Flickr site and search by name or keyword and SRSA.


​For indexes to these and other records, see our catalogue or the Indexes and Special Lists page.

More records are being digitised. Check back here for updates. If you discover any broken links on this page, please send us an enquiry.

Online Records

These topics have digitised records available to view either on FamilySearch, Ancestry, Flickr or our website.

Registration of major life events from 1802

See topic page - Registration of life events

Census returns 1841

FamilySearch - Returns of Census compiled in January 1841  (GRG24/13)

Also see topic page - Census 1841

Ledgers of children boarded out from 1862

FamilySearch - Ledgers of children boarded out from 1862 (GRG 27/5 units 1-9 covering open access period)

Also see topic page - Children in State Care

Criminal record books of the Supreme Court from 1842

FamilySearch - Criminal record books - Supreme Court of South Australia, from 1845 (GRS 12820 - Units 1-15, up to 7 Dec 1910)

FamilySearch - Criminal record books, chronological series - Supreme Court, 1842-1844 (GRS 13039)

Also see topic page - Courts

Destitute Asylum admissions

FamilySearch - Register of admissions, lying-in-home for expectant mothers, and infants born in destitute asylum

Also see topic page - Destitution in South Australia

Gaol registers

FamilySearch - Prison records compiled from Adelaide, Redruth, Gladstone and Port Lincoln Gaols as well as Yatala Labour Prison

Also see topic page - Gaols and Prisons

Hospital admission registers from 1840

FamilySearch - Admission registers Adelaide Hospital, 1840​ - 1952 (GRG78/49)

Also see topic page - Hospitals

Inquests and Police Reports to the Coroner from 1884

FamilySearch - Police Report to the Coroner, from 1884 (GRG1/44 and GRG1/39)

See topic page - Inquests and Police Reports to the Coroner

Insolvency registers from 1841

FamilySearch - Register of insolvencies, from 1841 (GRG66/1)

FamilySearch - Register of arrangements by deed under the Acts of 1857-1858 and 1860-1886 (dated from 1858) (GRG66/9)

See also topic page - Insolvencies

Maps and Plans of South Australia

A small set of plans are hosted on our Flickr page.

These include:

  • Map of Adelaide and suburban districts showing tramways routes and areas of housing development (GRG 22/64/1 map no. 2, 1952)
  • A small selection of Hundred maps (GRS 6910)
  • Plan of the Settled Districts of South Australia (GRG 35/585 unit 2 no. 13), and
  • Map of South Australia showing vegetation prior to settlement (GRG 35/585 unit 21 map 11)

See also topic page - Maps and Plans

Passenger lists 1845 - 1940

See topic page - Passenger lists 1845 - 1940


Sets of photographs are hosted on our Flickr page.

Albums include:

Flickr - Photographs and negatives - Aborigines' Office and successors, 1900-1940 (GRG 52/45)

Flickr - Scenes of South Australia

Flickr - Glass plate and other negatives - Photolithographic Branch, Department of Lands, c1890-1957 (GRG 35/342)

See also topic page - Photographs

Probate and succession duties from 1844

FamilySearch - Probate and administration books, from 1892 (GRS 11585)

FamilySearch - Probate record books, from 1844 (GRS 16377)

See also topic page - Probate and succession duties

School admission registers

FamilySearch - School admission registers listed alphabetically

You can search by pupil name within this collection but not all registers have been indexed.

Note also that not all school admission registers in our collection have been digitised and published. You can view original registers at our Research Centre or ask us for a digital copy through our Copying and Digitisation Services.

See also topic page - Schools

Ships' papers - ships arriving at South Australian ports 1849-1885

See topic page - Ships Arriving at South Australian Ports

Soldier settlement - records of land held 1917-1931

See topic page - Soldier Settlement

World War One - photographs of soldiers, sailors and nurses

See Flickr album - World War One photographs

Z Ward - former Parkside Lunatic Asylum circa 1884

See Flickr album - Z Ward plans