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Aboriginal history - correspondence files and photographs c.1900-

Biographical notes relating to prominent South Australians

Registration of major life events 1802-

Census returns 1841

Chief (former Colonial) Secretary's Office - letters sent and received 1836-

Children in State based care - fostering, destitution and the Industrial School c.1861-

Colonization Commissioners - correspondence and despatches 1836-

Companies (defunct) 1844-

Coronation medal recipients 1953-

Courts - Supreme Court index books and lists of men liable to serve on juries 1840-

Crown Lands and Immigration Office correspondence relating to immigration 1865-c.1911

Despatches to and from the Secretary of State, London 1840-1962

Destitute Asylum, Lying-In Home and returns related to sick and destitute emigrants 1840-

Divorce - matrimonial petitions 1859-

Gaols - prison registers, description books, mariner deserters 1838-

Hospital admissions 1840-

Immigration schemes 1862-

Inquests and police reports to the Coroner 1852-

Insolvencies 1841-

Land, property and house history 1808-

Mariners and sailors - certificates of competency and deserters 1856-

Military and war - Volunteer Military Force, defence papers and Boer War 1842-

Passenger lists 1836-

Photographs 1838-

Police correspondence, papers and books 1840-

Probate and succession duties 1844-

Railway employees 1853-

Research notes

School admission registers 1873-1985

Sheriff's Office correspondence 1867-1910

Ships arriving at South Australian ports 1836-

Soldier settlement following World War One 1917-1931

Surveyor-General's Office correspondence 1867-1910

Teachers 1847-

Women's suffrage petition 1894

World War One soldier, sailor and nurse photographs

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