Information about our records can be found:

Official records might not be archived until after 15 years, or longer, and may be restricted from general public access for certain periods of time.
Records which have not yet been archived, or are subject to public access restrictions, require involvement of the responsible agency.

We do not offer a research service, but you can contact us to ask for support with:

  • Sourcing records relevant to Aboriginal family history, particularly regarding family separated because of past government policies
  • Referrals to responsible agencies for access to restricted records using either access authorisations or freedom of information (FOI)
  • Supplying copies of records on receipt of specific references
  • Resetting passwords for ArchivesSearch
  • Ordering of records for viewing in the Research Centre
  • Confirmation of the accuracy of archival references for citation purposes
  • Advice on the copyright status of records in the collection.

Research Centre services

Access to ArchivesSearch , guides, finding aids and indexes are available in our Research Centre.
We also have a number of records online.

    Our staff in the Research Centre can help you by:

    • assisting you to search for and order records
    • offering search strategies
    • explaining how to use ArchivesSearch and other guides, finding aids and indexes
    • advising on access restrictions
    • referring you to appropriate agencies or organisations
    • providing guidance and advice about records that may be relevant to enquiries, and
    • confirming the accuracy of archival references.

    Unable to visit the Research Centre? 

    If you or a friend are not able to visit our Research Centre, the following fee-based research services are available: