We do not offer a research service and do not view original records on behalf of a researcher, but you can contact us to ask for support with:

  • Accessing records in our collection
  • Ordering of records for viewing in the Research Centre (bookings compulsory) 
  • Sourcing records relevant to Aboriginal family history, particularly regarding family separated because of past government policies
  • Supplying copies of records on receipt of specific references
  • Referrals to responsible agencies for access to restricted records using either access authorisations or freedom of information (FOI)
  • Resetting passwords for ArchivesSearch
  • Confirmation of the accuracy of archival references for citation purposes
  • Advice on the copyright status of records in the collection.

In order for us to be able to assist with your enquiry, you should be able to tell us:

  • the state or local government connection to your research topic;
  • what agencies, offices or individuals were involved and the time period you are interested in.

Information about our records can be found:

Official records might not be archived until after 15 years, or longer, and may be restricted from general public access for certain periods of time.
Records which have not yet been archived, or are subject to public access restrictions, require involvement of the responsible agency.

    Research Centre services

    It is recommended that if you are not intending to view original records at the Research Centre, that you contact us before booking an appointment to make the most efficient use of your time.

    Many of the resources in the Research Centre are available online and can be accessed from home or at a local library.

    Make sure to Plan Your Visit before booking an appointment at the Research Centre. Staff in the Research Centre may not be able to assist researchers who do not have a prior booking and original records are not able to accessed without a prior booking and order request.     

    Unable to visit the Research Centre to view original records? 

    If you or a friend are not able to visit the Research Centre, these fee-based research services are available:

    Researchers for hire are not State Records of South Australia employees.

    Your local library or history group may be able to help with your research.