Digital images and prints

We can provide copies of records in the following formats:

  • Digital images (PDF, JPEG or TIFF)
  • Basic black and white or colour prints from digital images (A4 and A3 size)
  • High quality colour prints from digital images (A3, A2 and A1 size)

How to obtain copies

  • find precise references for the original records through the  catalogue or indexes and special lists
  • request a written quote
  • once your payment has been made, digital images will be emailed withing four weeks.

Prints and USB/CD copies are posted. Orders for printed copies may attract both digitisation and printing charges.

Self-service copying

You can take photographs of records in our Research Centre using your own camera, free of charge.

We also have a range of copying equipment available for use in the Research Centre, free of charge. Black and white prints can also be produced from microform, at a cost.

You can transfer images taken with this equipment onto a USB. USBs are available for purchase.

Conditions for photography include not using a flash, and ensuring you are aware of copyright conditions.

Fees and charges

Copying charges are proclaimed in the State Records Regulations.

Application fee for copies of documents

  • Application made in person (1-10 pages) no fee
  • Application made in person (more than 10 pages) $9.90
  • Application made in writing or by telephone $9.90


  • Basic A4 print (black and white) $0.75
  • Basic A3 print (black and white) $1.95
  • Basic A4 print (colour) $1.80
  • Basic A3 print (colour) $3.65
  • High quality A3 print (colour) $6.15
  • High quality A2 print (colour) $12.30
  • High quality A1 print (colour) $18.60

Digital format – low resolution (e.g. PDF or 300dpi JPG)

  • where a digital image already exists - no digitisation charge
  • Selected pages (1-4 pages) $7.10
  • Small item (5-20 pages) $35.50
  • Medium item (21-40 pages) $71.00
  • Large item (more than 40 pages) $106.00

Digital format – high resolution (e.g. TIFF)

  • where a digital image already exists - no digitisation charge
  • per image $23.90

Additional services

  • Certification of copy $0.65 per page
  • CD $1.95
  • USB drive $7.50
  • Postage

Payment options

Payment can be made using debit or credit  (Visa or MasterCard) cards in the Research Centre, online or by phone.