The census taken in January 1841 was the earliest information collated about the number of residents in South Australia.

Original returns for later censuses were destroyed once statistics were extracted and only statistical information remains from later censuses.


This index is arranged alphabetically by the name of the person noted on the return. It includes the image number of the return on the digitised copy.

Index for Census Returns - 1841 Census (GRG 24/13)

Other tabs within this index also present the information arranged alphabetically by residence, and in order as the names appear in the digitised copy.

The returns give:

  • name of head of household, and in some cases names of others in the household
  • the number of males and females in that household,
  • ages, and
  • residence.

The returns are arranged into geographical sections.

The original arrangement of the returns is not exactly known. An attempt has been made to restore the returns to their original order using available evidence.

Digitised records

FamilySearch - Returns of Census compiled in January 1841  GRG24/13