A Strategy for the Archive

State Records of South Australia has drafted an Archive Strategy 2019-2022 and seeks to engage government agencies, local councils and the community on the Strategy and the existing appraisal policy. 

Every day, decisions are made about whether records created by State and Local Government, in all formats, should be kept permanently as part of the State’s Archive or can be destroyed when no longer needed for business, legal or accountability purposes.

The Archive Strategy 2019 - 2022 has been developed to set out how records of permanent value will be preserved and made accessible to the community in a sustainable way.

Records kept permanently should meet the criteria outlined in the Appraisal of Official Records - Policy and Objectives. Published in 2003, these criteria set out the objectives of the Archive and the types of records that should be kept to meet these objectives. The criteria are now due for review.

Your input will help shape:

•            what types of records should be kept permanently as part of the State’s Archive

•            how we can best preserve the State’s Archive (in digital, paper and multimedia formats)

•            how we make the State’s Archive accessible to the community.

You can provide feedback by:

1.           Completing the survey  by Friday 30 November 2018

2.           Commenting on the online discussion about the future of the State's Archival collection on
              YourSay:  yoursay.sa.gov.au/decisions/a-strategy-for-the-archive/about

3.           Attending one of the consultation sessions led by State Record's Principal Archivist, Tony Leviston:

•            Adelaide Metro  - 8 November 2018

•            Adelaide Metro - 13 November 2018

4.            Sending feedback directly to staterecords@sa.gov.au.

Your feedback will be taken into consideration in the drafting of the final Archive Strategy and revised Appraisal Policy.

The closing date for consultation is Friday 30 November 2018.

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