GDS21 Review

State Records is reviewing General Disposal Schedule 21 (GDS21) as well as the certification approval process.

A draft of GDS21 is now available for consultation.

The review of GDS21 is being undertaken on the premise that agencies are best placed to manage the risks associated with destroying source documents, and ensuring the ongoing management and accessibility of the digital records.

The current version (V4) will expire on 31 December 2018. The review of GDS21 aims to reduce the burden on agencies and State Records and take a more risk-based approach to the management of hard copy source documents and digitised images.

The major changes to GDS21 State Records would like to apply are:

  • no certification of agency practices or systems required for official records with a current and approved disposal action of under 10yrs of age
  • agencies will no longer need to seek State Records approval of their GDS21 Certification
  • disposal of permanent source records created from 2005 onwards

Crown advice is being sought on the major changes listed above.

Feedback on this draft can be forwarded to by 30 November 2018.

During this review of GDS21 State Records will no longer be accepting or processing GDS21 Certifications for approval.

State Records staff will still be available to provide advice to agencies in relation to this process.

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