FOI in South Australia

FOI and your rights

The Freedom of Information Act 1991 gives you a legal right to:

  • request access to documents held by state government agencies, ministers, local councils or state universities
  • request the amendment of documents about you which are incomplete, incorrect, out-of-date or misleading
  • seek a review of a decision made by a state government agency, minister, local council or state university.

Who to apply to

FOI applications can be made to South Australian state government agencies, ministers, local councils and state universities.   Each agency has FOI staff responsible for processing FOI applications in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act 1991. 

If the documents you want to access relate to a police matter, send your application to South Australia Police.  If you want to access hospital records, send your application to the hospital you attended.

Find agency contact details.

FOI outside of South Australia

Each Australian state and territory and the Commonwealth Government have their own freedom of information legislation.  Some call their legislation different names, such as Right to Information, but the process is similar.

To access documents from another state or territory or from a Commonwealth Government agency, please click on the relevant link below.

Australian Government (Commonwealth Government)
Australian Capital Territory Government
New South Wales Government
Northern Territory Government
Queensland Government
Tasmania Government
Victoria Government
Western Australian Government

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